March 2011

Jim has been in the studio with The Backsliders, Jordan Leser, The Skunks, Love Parade and Robert F. Cranny.

The Break are off the road for a couple of months, some of which will be taken up with recording new music.

Shameless Seamus and the Tullamore Dews are playing at the St. Patricks Day event in Hyde Park, Sydney on Sunday March 20 at 3pm. (Gig now cancelled due to Irish weather). Warmup show at The Brass Monkey Wednesday the 16th March.

January 2011

Happy New Year! Free Shameless Seamus download at SoundCloud.


December 2010

As the year draws to a close The Break are doing many shows. Click here to find out more and join the FaceBook community.

The band is playing Woodford, Peats Ridge and Mona Foma to name a few festivals in the coming months.

In the studio Jim has been working with The Mellowtrons, Jordan Leser and The Break.

November 2010

'The Blessing' now available on iTunes!

The Blessing - Howlin' Wind & Jim Moginie

'The underwater quiet and spookiness was all around, curling and twisting beneath the surface of the Great Southern Ocean.

I first met Andy Richardson aka Howlin’ Wind in the early 80’s, when he returned from London where he studied with William Bennett for 9 years and also won plaudits as busker of the year with his residency in Green Park tube station. Winter after winter, a campaign worthy of the Somme, this stint created the performer in him, an apprenticeship of fire that bred a toughness that has stood him in good stead. When I first heard him play a wind instrument, I recall it was an empty beer bottle, and the sound richocheted off the Notre Dame in Paris, where the band, broke, and some friends, also broke, went after making the album Place Without a Postcard. I couldn’t believe the volume of it…it was deafening, like a stack of Marshalls, and was delivered with an impish Santa Claus type glee. His enthusiasm for the flute is infectious. Since that time I have seen him perform often. His command of the flute is amazing. His tone is fat and dynamic, really strong. He can drop into pure tone or harmonic over blowing Roland Kirk isms at the drop of a hat. Thus I came to the altar of the flute as, well, a believer.

A quiet pause, a late night meditation. Is it sweet dream you never had? A soundtrack begging for film? Write your own review. No north coast dolphin nose singing here. Sinister undercurrents of sinew and blood. Like nature, angular, not always reassuring.

After living for a time Melbourne, he decamped to Apollo Bay where he found a hillside block and, in true style, preceded to build his house himself, by hand. He wasn’t a builder by trade but again his enthusiasm got the thing built and a fine home it was. Around that time he was signed to Sony Classical and worked like a demon doing gigs all over the place. We have collaborated on many projects, usually myself in the control room, or playing guitar, but never one with just the two of us playing together for a whole album. We had talked about that one, but never got to it.

The sound of a wave crashing in the distance, a gull on the rise, a wind picking up, grass flattening. Quiet driftwood, being bleached in the sun. Glass blunted, polished by a tumble across the ocean floor.

I was to stay at Howlin’s place when I came down to Apollo Bay in 2003 to do a couple of gigs with my friend Neil Murray. I showed him my little Fender Champ amplifier and a couple of pedals. Before we knew it we had 3 guitar parts on tape. Over the next 2 nights we came up to the studio very late at night and put down more rumbling loops of degraded guitar. Overdubbed a couple of guitar parts that felt good onto that. Then onto the next piece. It was quiet in the room when played, but huge in the speakers on playback.

I had always secretly wanted to make a record like this, harboured all through my rock past, and loved the organic-ness, the distortion, the quiet power of it, the quest for tone and ‘expanding the palette of the electric guitar’ (use this phrase with caution.)

Shafts of light cutting through the junction of water and air. The diver’s breathing and consciousness reduced to the very moment at hand. Existence in the in and out breath. This is what the mystics and poets all talk about.

The funny thing is neither of us remember making this thing. Is that a good sign or not? It didn’t feel like we were making a record, Somehow it became one...

Howlin ‘s flute I have never heard better. The flute and the guitar sound like they’re part of the same thing, whatever that is. My only explanation is all that underwater quiet and spookiness was all around us, curling and twisting beneath the surface the great Southern ocean when we recorded this music'.



Jim aka Shameless Seamus is playing Saturday afternoon 27 November 2010 as part of a Tibetan earthquake benefit concert called ''Quake Aid Concert for Tibet''.

The concert goes from 12noon to 8pm.

He will appear with Kunga and Tim Kevin.

The location is James Meehan Reserve at Dee-Why Beach, Sydney.

The event will feature international artists, Tibetan dancers, DJ, marquee, kids activities and food stalls.


October 2010.

Jim is featured in this month's Audio Technology magazine discussing record production amongst other things.

Lots of shows with The Break and Dog Trumpet. Live at the ABC Music Show is a great example of that collaboration.

September 2010.

Bloomsday is a commemoration observed annually on June 16th to celebrate the life of Irish writer james Joyce, and relive the events in his novel Ulysees, all of which took place on the same day in Dublin in 1904. Shameless Seamus is pictured here with Irish musician and sculptor Alan Healy at this years celebrations.

Jim pictured with 'my favourite guitar player' Bill Chambers, during the making of Kasey Chambers' recent CD 'Little Bird', released September 18, 2010.

More news of The Break, live at the Annandale HERE!

Jim has also been working with Jordan Leser, and Dom Turner and Ian Collard.


August 2010.

A good review this month of Jim's Shameless Seamus in Nova magazine.

No Vans Mary Shameless Seamus (Reverberama) (Pop)

Reviewed by Phil Bennett

Inspired by the discovery of his Irish heritage, Jim Moginie set off into the bush with his recording mate, Brent Clark, and came home with this delightful album under his arm.

All sweet guitar movements and angelic harmonies, this is mellow acoustic pop of the highest order.

Bearing a pastoral cottage in the outback freshness, its identity lies somewhere between mid period Beatles (witness the Ringoesque drum fills on You Me And The Princess Highway), and the simplicity of traditional folk.

Highlights include the lilting The Rose, with its intriguing mix of Stone Roses style melody and Ed Kuepperish 12 string strumming, the ambling Messenger Birds and the strident opener, The Eternal.

But really, it's all highlights as beautifully crafted song follows beautifully crafted song.

An album that rolls along like early morning mist as it quietly envelops you, its meandering moods enchant and absorb with each listen.

An understated aural treasure, No Vans Mary is well worth discovering and exploring. Subtly captivating.

Buy the album signed by Jim here or:


Shameless Seamus: No Vans Mary


Jim has been working in the studio with virtuoso jazz guitarist James Muller, and virtuoso rockin' band The Living End.


July 2010.


Crow's 'Arcane', mixed by Jim at his Oceanic Studio, has been released to public acclam.

Check it out.

"Arcane by Crow is a bloody good record!

Theorem 1. Bands with two strong songwriters, in this case, Fenton and Archer, are more interesting and layered than bands that only have one. Lennon McCartney vs Simply Red is not a fair fight.

Theorem 2. Bands that retire early or fade off into the glorious Australian sunset prematurely can return with a vengeance, in this case a song-led recovery and not a once round the block cash in/ hypefest. Because this record is simply full of strong songs. 'Ghost at the Crossroads' says it all: apart from the fact they've 'spent ten years in space', for me it raises the question: 'is a rock n roll act more important than life itself?' Dark and soulful music such as this, intelligently done and strongly and imaginatively delivered will always win the hearts and minds. That's Theorem 3."

Jim Moginie - June 2010

Apart from The Break, Jim has been working with Dom Turner and Ian Collard on a 'live in the studio' blues album and ambient band Aqualash.

June 2010.

Photo by Gerry Nicholls.

The Break has been touring heavily around Australia. This weekend we do some NSW gigs and next week Tasmania.

Jim has added the Theremin to his onstage 'arsenal' of instruments. Dogs on leashes, beware.

May 2010.

The Break played Bluesfest at Byron Bay and the Boogie Festival in Victoria as well as being special guests of The Hoodoo Gurus in several amazing shows around the country. 'Church of the Open Sky' has topped the Australian independent record chart and has great reviews. There's an extensive tour coming up of Australia's eastern seaboard in June and July. Become a fan on facebook to read the reviews and get all the latest tour dates and info.

Jim has also been in the studio with Kasey Chambers recording her follow up to "Rattle and Bones" and has had the Beautiful Girls, Lior and Matt Walters recording at his studio.

As a result Shameless Seamus gigs have been put on the backburner for a while. Thanks to all the people who have ordered the Shameless album No Vans Mary, the response has been overwhelming.



March 2010.

Shameless Seamus

Shameless Seamus.

With a name like that, clearly this character will go to any lengths – unlike his alter ego the shy and retiring Mr Jim Moginie of Midnight Oil.

‘I had met my birth family and found they were Irish. Inspired by that culture, and tuning into those voices, this record came into being.’
Moginie is adopted but has always felt Irish. Perhaps the Celtic look of him gave it away every time he looked in the mirror – but it was only in recent times that he finally met up with his birth family where the immediate sense of at homeness was as comfortable as his old Aran sweater.

Seamus’ first long playing record, ‘No Vans Mary’ tunes into his Irish heritage, exploring the culture of dislocation. Irish Australian immigrants in a strange landscape, yearning for what they have left behind – but harnessing the power of music to unite both streams to create something new. A battered suitcase, some wild hopes and Irish luck.

Between them, Seamus and Jim played most of the instruments (vocals, footsteps, 12 and 6 string acoustic guitars, Gretsch electric, tiple, ukeleles, accordion, harmonium, upright piano, ruined piano, optigan, acoustic and keyboard bass, minimoog, samples, percussion) in a marathon session in a drafty shack deep in the Australian bush, in the dead of winter.

‘I made the record deliberately sparse, meaning I could do most of the playing in the process without a band. Engineer BC and I threw a laptop and some instruments in a car and headed for the bush… for a bone numbing winters’ 7 days of cold, watching steam rise when we sang, mice running down the power cords, giant eucalypts swishing judging and creaking, wombats-a-thumping, recording songs as we went, with a wood fire struggling and Australian birds making noise they can only do.’

Also guesting on the record are Suzy Flowers on vocals, Elizabeth Geyer on flugelhorn, Kevin Kelly on bodhran and Luke Bonic on drums.

‘It’s more of an outpouring than a normal record. It happened fast. We were lucky to be able to catch it when we did.’


‘No Vans Mary’ by Shameless Seamus is available exclusively worldwide on Reverberama Records.

Click here to order.

Go to the Shameless Seamus myspace to check out the songs.





February 2010.

Lots of news...Jim's new band The Break have done a CD called 'Church Of The Open Sky'. The single Cylinders is out now on surf label Bombora.

For more information on news and touring:





'No Vans Mary' Jim's second solo record (by his alter/altar ego Shameless Seamus) will be available in a week's time from this site.

There's a beautiful version of the Oils' song 'Blue Sky Mine' by Genevieve Lemon that's been out for a while. If you haven't seen it check it out.


January 2010.

News for the fresh New Year: Jim has finished his second solo record.

Thanks for all your support and a flood of emails expressing interest in it.

It will be ready for release mid February on Jim's Reverberama label, and only available for sale through this site.

Jim is releasing it as his longtime alter ego, Shameless Seamus, as a lot of the songs are based on his Irish ancestry and were recorded in a shed in the bush.

Jim says "I'm really happy with it. It is even more folky than the last one. People think of Jim Moginie as some kind of rock guy. I thought it was time I became somebody else."


November 2009.

Jim is about to independently release a new album....of new songs. Then he'll print up a few. Register your interest here!

Jim gets to play with his hero Bonnie Prince Billy and the very brilliant Angie Hart on this beautiful track Little Bridges from Angie's new record 'Eat My Shadow'.

More news on the sculpture front here.

The new band The Break, featuring Jim, Martin Rotsey, Rob Hirst from Midnight Oil plus ex Violent Femmes bassist Brian Ritchie have been doing some shows around Sydney and are playing the Manly Festival of Surf on Sunday 8 October.

follow jimmoginie at http://twitter.com


October 2009.

Strange things afoot over the western plains.

'Utes in the Paddock' is an unusual idea; Holden utes (yes, only Holdens) that have been turned into sculptures by well known sculptors and placed in a paddock outside of Condoblin NSW. The aim is to help charities involved in mental health work in western NSW, and also promote tourism into the area. It's the brainchild of graziers Graham and Jana Pickles, owners of Burrawang Station.

Jim and sculptor Stephen Coburn (son of artist John Coburn and original member of Mental as Anything) have joined forces for the project to make an 8m high sculpture of a red kangaroo called 'Utezilla', using a Holden FE ute.

They have also made a CD to promote the idea caled 'Utes in The Paddock'. Featuring original new songs by Jim, Doc Neeson from the Angels, Neil Murray, Stephen Coburn, Alan Healy, Hellen Rose and the Utezillas...the houseband featuring Jim, Stephen, Bird from the Mentals on drums and Trent Williamson from The Family Dog on harmonica/jawharp.

The CD is now available for order on this site through Jim's label Reverberama Records. Funds are directed towards mental health work in western NSW.

Check out the songs on the UTES IN THE PADDOCK myspace.

Jim has been working with sculpture for a while now. Some of his work will be in the Ute Artists at The Carrington exhibition at The Carrington Hotel Katoomba

from Nov 1 to Dec 13, 2009.

Reprinted from the Condoblin Argus.

Utezilla joins 'Utes'

• Sculptors Jim Moginie and Stephen Coburn with their creation - 'Utezilla'. Photo by K. Tooth.

By Karen Tooth

Something large, slightly menacing and very mechanical has hopped the fence at ‘Utes in the Paddock’– a giant female kangaroo with a grinning joey in pouch has made their home in the outdoor gallery based at Ootha.
A collaborative effort, two sculptor / musicians Stephen Coburn and Jim Moginie joined forces to create a three dimensional kangaroo from an old Holden utility, scrap metal, steel pipe and old drums.
Called ‘Utezilla’, the works will appeal to young and old alike and add another completely different artwork to the 14 other metamorphed utes already in place.
Sculptor Jim Moginie is best known for his work with Midnight Oil, of which he was a founding member, guitarist, keyboardist and leading songwriter.
He teamed up with his sculpture coach Stephen Coburn, who is also a musician having started his musical career with ‘Mental as Anything’ and now has his own band called ‘Even Steven’. Steve, who has already completed a ‘ute in the paddock’ called ‘Ute-opia’ in collaboration with Robert Dujin, said “I hate doing things alone and needed a willing slave!”
Their inspiration was drawn from a ‘Midnight Oil’ album called ‘Redneck Wonderland’ – an originally dark vision of Australia from which the artwork evolved into a lighter toy/ transformer vision rather than an overly avenging killer kangaroo with payback on her mind.
Steve described Jim as “He is this soft gentle guy with a really, really dark side.”
Jim said, “I initially had the idea of roo – shooters’ and road kill revenge but the theme was modified into the affects of vehicles upon the environment and the process of environmental degradation. It is definitely a different way of looking at the road vehicle. I hope people will enjoy such an absurd piece!”
There were a few quandaries with Utezilla’s construction: “Originally the pouch was in the tray but we ended up taking the roof out and using it as the base of the pouch. We studied many pictures of kangaroos to get their character,” said Jim.
Of the ‘Utes in the Paddock’, Jim said “It has been a great experience coming here to be a part of the ‘Utes’ and a great privilege to work with Steve. It is great for the area – there has been a constant stream of visitors past. It is fun, a folly and it’s serious too – it is Australian humour with impact. It uses iconic imagery and Holden utes in the Australian landscape to tweak everyone’s sense of humour.”
Steve affirmed Jim’s comments about ‘Utes in the Paddock’: “It is good to have a permanent fixture as you get people out here constantly as opposed to a festival. With a steady stream of visitors over a year, that adds up to a lot of visitors.”
Steve added, “Holden purists can be relieved – the mother kangaroo has the older FE grill while joey sports the later (younger) FC grill.”
Steve and Jim have also collaboratively produced four ‘Ute’ songs for the ‘Utes in the Paddock’ album to be released at a later date.
For more information visit www.utesinthepaddock.com.au



September 2009.

Moginie has been working with Crow.


Jim's 'Alas Folkloric' album is now available for purchase on this site. Each one will be autographed by Jim.

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Check out the artist page for other releases on Reverberama Records, including Fuzzface, Kate Plummer and Howlin Wind. These records are only available here and stocks are limited.

Mosey on down to the Jim Moginie and The Family Dog myspace for Jim's sporadic, and often quite inspired, blogs.


August 2009.

Moginie has been in the studio producing and engineering both Neil Murray, ex Warumpi Band, writer of my 'Island Home' and journeyman songwriter extroadinaire on his atmospheric new album, and a full tilt EP with The Backsliders called 'Throwbacks' with slideman Dom Turner, old cohort and drummer extroadinaire Rob Hirst, and Dingoes legend Broderick Smith / Ian Collard from Collard and Greens both on harmonica.

Sad news about the death of Magic Dirts' Dean Turner. It wasjust too soon. 'The good ones died and the others just got old'. Vale.


July 2009.

Check this out...a fantastic gig. Jim played guitar, accordian, ukelele and autoharp in the core band/engine room at Brisbane's Riverstage on Saturday August 1.

The Songs of Kev Carmody
at the Queensland Music Festival

A line-up of stellar musicians paid tribute to indigenous songwriter Kev Carmody at Brisbane’s Riverstage on Saturday 1st August as part of the Queensland Music Festival.

Full line up: Paul Kelly, Bernard Fanning, John Butler, Clare Bowditch, Tex Perkins, The Herd, The Drones, Glenn Richards, Sara Storer, Archie Roach, Steve Kilbey, Dan Sultan, The Last Kinection, and The Pigram Brothers joined by Missy Higgins, Troy Cassar-Daley and Dan Kelly.

Jim's been mixing the Backsliders and doing sculpture in metal, clay, wax and resin.


June 2009.

In times recent past, Jim has been in the studio with The Backsliders and helping Whitley on his album GO FORTH FIND MAMMOTH.

Check it out on Whitley - Go Forth, Find Mammoth

New on Reverberama Records is Kate Plummer's stunning Jim produced EP of guitar instrumentals, The Leftover Sea.


May 2009.


In times recent past, Jim has been busily ensconced in the studio with Sarah Blasko playing subterrenean piano on her EP Cinema Blasko

Sarah Blasko - Seems Like Old Times (Cinema Blasko) - Single

Also production work with Kate Plummer on The Leftover Sea

Kate Plummer - Home In the Crossing

and Neil Murray on his new CD 'Witness'


Jim was a judge at the Gympie 'Heart of Gold' International Film Festival with fellow judges Noni Hazelhurst, Caroline Jones, Peter Thompson and Rick Stevenson amongst others (below) and was called on to play some shredding ukelele on awards night (below).


March 2009.

Jim speaks:

'The Oils got back together for a rare appearance at Sound Relief, the benefit staged for the victims of the devastation caused by the Victorian bushfires. It was a HUGE show. The bigness of it was just... enormous. Of course it has been reported in all the mainstream media in much more detail than this blog, with lots of opinions and hoohah, but it raised 5 million dollars for the most worthy of causes so that's what counts.
It was a hell of a long way from playing the Hopetoun. I'd like to see 81,000 people fit in there.
We warmed up in Canberra's Royal Theatre in the two days before the big gig. It was fun to see everyone again who make the band tick onstage and off, and make that glorious racket that is, and was, the Oils. On the downside it was a tad surreal and nostalgic, and knowing that this could be the last time we gather the clan, although I thought Wave Aid was the final nail. And that we had all inexorably moved on. Don't know if anyone in the audience felt that. Hard not to smile though when you observe the joy on the faces of the audience (some of them really young) when the well known songs kicked in. I especially enjoyed playing the 'Capricornia' songs and 'Surfs Up', they never got much of a run and felt really fresh.
The shows were recorded for posterity on the SOS mobile and filmed by our friends Youth and Danny amongst others so hopefully there'll be something to look at and listen to in the future.'

Royal Theatre National Convention Centre, Canberra photos below courtesy of Farrell and Youth.


It's on...due to popular rumour, or if you've been asleep, Midnight Oil are reforming for a huge bushfire benefit called SOUND RELIEF in Melbourne on the 14th of March. Bones is flying out from the USA for the event. Also there will be two warmup shows in Canberra at the Royal Theatre National Convention Centre on the 12th and 13th. It's all happening, again.

February 2009.


Jim plays in acoustic mode at the inaugural Foggy Mountain Jam on Feb 28, featuring Bill Chambers, Kasey Chambers and Shane Nicholson, Troy Cassar Daley and Shane Howard.

Set in the spectacular natural beauty of the Wollombi Valley at ’Foggy Mountain’, on a 100 acre private property. The Foggy Mountain Jam stage will host some of Australia’s finest singer songwriters and musicians playing their original music as well as versions of songs by their favourite singers and songwriters. The 6 hour musical extravaganza will culminate in an all-in jam session, where the audience will be treated to exciting one-off performances, never to be repeated.

28 Feb 2009 4pm to 10pm
Foggy Mountain, 268 Murray’s Run Rd, Laguna, Wollombi, New South Wales 2325
Cost: $40

November 2008

Jim and The Family Dog play the Hopetoun Surry Hills on Sunday December the 14th, 6.30 pm - 9.30 pm, $10 on the door, supported by Jamie Hutchings and Mark Moldre. It will be good to get into the Christmas spirit with a rightly kicking gig with The Dog. Bless it.

Work in the studio this month with country star Bill Chambers on his upcoming release with Jim on guitar, keyboards and other assorted instruments and work with Telehet, Matt Jo Gow and Corish Begaud.


October 2008

An interview with Jim by Matt Okie, regarding the reissue CD/DVD of 'Diesel and Dust' in US based magazine Identity Theory.


Studio tan... Jim has been in the studio working on a record supporting The Buttery (made famous in the Paul Kelly song To Her Door). CAUTION: LIFE AHEAD features unreleased and rare recordings of well known Australian artists, including Jim's production of the Trent Reznor track 'Hurt', the defacto theme song of the record. Singing is Jimmy Barnes, with the Oils' Rob Hirst on drums, and Martin Rotsey, Kent Steedman, Wayne Connolly and Jim on guitars,and project founder Rick Grossman on bass.



Jim also contributes guitar and production to the beloved Easybeats tribute record 'Easyfever' alongside Neil Finn doing a rocking version of 'Woman, Make You Feel Alright', a last minute/nth hour inclusion on the project.

Also La Huva's up and coming release, and working with Melbourne based songster, Matt Jo Gow.

The Fauves album "When Good Times Go Good" co-producedby Jim and Wayne Connolly is also out now.

August 2008


The Family Dog: Paul Loughhead, Jim Moginie, Kent Steedman, Tim Kevin. Photo: Mandy Hall.

Jim and The Family Dog play The Harp, Tempe on Aug 14 and headline Australian independent music champions 4ZZZ's SIDESHOW ALLEY gig at the Jubilee Hotel, Brisbane on Saturday Aug 16.


The 'Very Big Gig' for Wayne Goodwin and The Leukemia Foundation was a huge success, with a packed house at The Basement, raising much needed funds for a worthy cause with a great lineup.

Ebb Tide and The Shorebreakers featuring Jim, Martin Rotsey, Rob Hirst and Violent Femmes' Brian Ritchie stormed through a set including surf instrumentals and Oils' chestnuts with Rob, Jim and Brian handling vocal duties. Dick Dale's 'Miserlu' featured Wayne Goodwin on Farfisa and Paul Panichi on a very spanish sounding trumpet.

Many thanks to Charm Wall, Nicole Helich and all the organisers.

The haunting Jim / Howlin' Wind instrumental collaboration 'The Blessing' is now available on Howlin' Wind & Jim Moginie - The Blessing


Fresh sightings on Reverberama Records are Kate Plummer's delightful debut "Home in the Crossing" and Howlin' Wind's melodic "Great Ocean Road 2", both produced by Jim. Check them out on the artist's pages.

Jim is playing guitar and various instruments with legendary Warumpi band songman and writer of defacto anthem 'My Island Home' Neil Murray when he plays his dates in and around Sydney in August.

Check here for details.

July, 2008

Ebb Tide and The Shorebreakers do their kings of the surf guitar impressions, featuring Rob Martin and Jim at the Wayne Goodwin and the Leukemia Foundation benefit gig at The Basement on Sunday Aug 3rd.

Wayne has had a bad run since the last benefit, 3 lots of chemotherapy and now stem cell replacement therapy. Wayne is a well known local musician who has played with the Oils on 'In The Valley" on 'Earth and Sun and Moon' and Jim's 'Alas Folkloric' as well as CSN, Emmylou Harris, Sting and countless others. Come along and be part of the Australian music community.


May 2008,

Recent production work for Jim with Melbourne's well loved band The Fauves.

The 'Diesel and Dust' package has now been released worldwide, with interviews Jim did for Billboard and Reuters.

Jim has recently been on a writing trip with Lights, Dave Martin and Tawgs as collaborators.

March 2008,

Midnight Oil news of sorts: remastering has been going on for a lot of old Oils' records and they're coming up really well. Originally mastered for vinyl, a process which severely limited the dynamic range of the original source tapes, the CD versions of the albums up to 1985 were also converted to digital through first generation a to d converters. The newer versions, sourced from the original analog tapes and converted using the latest technology, are much clearer and more detailed. Check out the Oils' site for updates. First off the block is Diesel and Dust, re released with a bonus DVD of the Blackfella Whitefella outback tour filmed by the ABC's Big Country.

For more information about modern mastering, and some of it's drawbacks when misused, click here.

The Family Dog returns to the Harp Easter Friday.


Recently, Jim has been working in the studio with Aboriginal band Descendance and Joel Byrne from Wolf & Cub.


February 2008,

Go to youtube to see The Nightwatchman & AntiFlag's version of Midnight Oil's 'Beds are Burning' at the Big Day Out.

Jim has finished mixing the Huckleberry Swedes record. It sounds brilliant, keep posted for release dates.

Sarah Blasko's album 'What The Sea Wants, The Sea Will Have' which Jim co produced has just gone platinum. Well done Blasko and Co, you ought to be congratulated! The album also won 'Best Pop Release' at the Aria awards.

The new Midnight Oil site is up and running. It's about time....and quite an improvement on the old one.

Speaking of about time, read Peter Garrett's piece in the SMH regarding Australia's apology to it's original inhabitants.

Jim says: 'It was a very moving day for all and one that hopefully will start the ball rolling on the healing process between black and white. I for one thought previously that it was a day that would never come in my lifetime. By recognising the truth about how we came to inhabit this beautiful country, in pure 'therapy' terms, it felt like a relief and a shouldering off of a burden, swept under the rug by the 'straiteners and punishers' of the previous administration, who today are still somehow caught up in the shrinkage of the past. We come to understand the bridge between history, emotion and political change. Also, to understand ourselves better and by getting our house in order, see what needs to be done to make this truly a country the world looks up to.'



December 2007,

The Adelaide Guitar Festival was such a surprise...not nerdy at all! Acts like John Hammond Jr, Kaki King, Vernon Reid, Anne McCue, Diesel, Jeff Lang and many others brought a whole new slant to the oeuvre of Hendrix. Jim says ' It was great working with Adalita, who totally went off at the gig, bringing the crowd to it's feet. We clashed guitars mid-air in true metal fashion. That was a first for me. It was a joy to play on the final night with a full house with such a great band.' Also playing with Jim were Aria winning duo of guitarist Matt Walker and drummer Ash Davies, plus local bass guru Brian Ruiz. The band played a buzzsaw 'Advance Australia Fair', a psychedelica take on '1989 A Merman I Should Be', and a storming rock version of Bob Dylan's 'All Along The Watchtower'.

November 2007,


02 Dec 2007, 07:30 PM
Cost : $70/$55

For ten spine tingling days, Adelaide will resonate to the sounds of guitar legends from around the world. Click here for details of this amazing event.

Jim Moginie will perfom along with Adalita Srsen from Magic Dirt, and the Aria winning Matt Walker and Ashley Davies in ’Kiss The Sky’, A Jimi Hendrix Tribute Concert.

Bernie Banton RIP.

Asbestos campaigner Bernie Banton died this week of mesothelioma, an asbestos related cancer. He tirelessly represented the hundreds

of unsung people who are diagnosed with the disease every year. Bernie was only recently awarded compensation by a very tardy James Hardie Ltd, owner of the factory in which he worked.

The Surf and Turf benefit was a great success, over ten thousand dollars were raised for Wayne (and still counting). Jim would like to thank Arlene Brookes, Kristen Coburn, Christine Taylor, who pulled it all together, Backline Australia, Fender Australia for their donation of the acoustic guitar, Guy Dickerson, Rick the compere and his generous donation of the Fender bass, Sony BMG, Love Police, Bombora Productions, and especially all the wonderful musicians who played, gave freely of their time and who made it such a special night, plus all at the glorious Mona Vale Hotel. There should be some footage up on youtube soon, check back here for directions.


Sunday 11th November – The Mona Vale Hotel 5 – 9pm

Surf n’ Turf is a benefit performance for Wayne Goodwin, violinist/composer and multi-instrumentalist (piano, guitar, mandolin, viola, saxophone and drums). Wayne is a well loved stalwart of the Australian music scene. Featuring musical acts from Surf to Rock-a-Billy to Country music including; Ebb Tide & The Shorebreakers (members from Midnight Oil - Jim Moginie, Rob Hirst & Martin Rotsey in their alter ego surf band featuring Wayne Goodwin), members of The Atlantics (Peter Hood, Martin Cilia and Michael Smith), Cocky and Pompous - (Paul McDermott and Paul Livingstone aka Flacco from ABC’s Sideshow), Beccy Cole, Anne Kirkpatrick, The Riptides (Mark Callaghan of GANGajang), Chris Bailey and Graham "Buzz" Bidstrup (from the Original Angels & GANGajang) and other guest musicians. …. Plus an auction for some exciting items. Wayne was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins lymphoma in June of this year and after three months of chemotherapy is currently in remission from the blood tumor cancer. With a little help from his friends, this fund raising event will help Wayne get back on his feet after time off work and provide him with some relief from mounting financial obligations. The Leukaemia Foundation is also a beneficiary of the benefit as this organization has been extremely supportive through Goodwin’s challenging ordeal. A representative from the Foundation will be on hand at the event to highlight awareness of their work as well as to provide information about Non-Hodgkins lymphoma and other blood tumor cancers. Born of an Australian mother, Wayne first came to Australia on tour from Hollywood, California with Emmylou Harris twenty odd years ago and returned the following year to stay, performing with the newly reformed band Crossfire and to break into the film industry as a composer. His credits as a violinist list the who’s who of music including Midnight Oil, INXS, Jenny Morris, Sting, Bob Dylan, Linda Ronstadt, Tony Bennett, ELO, Renee Geyer, Ross Wilson, The Australian Opera and Ballet Orchestra, The Bolshoi Ballet, Gene Pitney, Dolly Parton, Dragon, Emmylou Harris, Jimmy Little, Michelle Shocked, Anne Kirkpatrick, Bread, Crosby, Stills and Nash (Wayne was awarded a platinum album for his violin solo on their hit single Wasted in the Way) and more… Mona Vale Hotel - Cnr. Barrenjoey Rd and Park St Tickets $12 pre sale / $15 at door Bookings - Moshtix www.moshtix.com.au

October 2007.

Jim is currently touring nationally with Sarah Blasko's band through October and early November.

October 6 and 7 The Vanguard, Newtown

Solo supporting The Backsliders, featuring Rob Hirst.


Interesting reading in Canada's Gazette about legendary Oils' gigs at Le Spectrum, Montreal.


June/July 2007,

In the last two months, Jim has hunkered down into studio mode, working with 78 Saab, Jimmy Barnes, Vanessa Corish and Paul Begaud, The Huckleberry Swedes, Dylan Dray and The Backsliders.

Go to Jim and the Dog's 'myspace' and check out the blog written about Neil Murray, and elder statesman in the Australian music industry HERE.

Below, a candid shot of half of the Family Dog, the twin guitar attack factor, Kent Steedman and Jim at April's Apollo Bay Music Festival, doing the load out.



May 2007,

Jim will join the legendary songman Neil Murray onstage at his Sydney shows. The dates are: Thurs May 31 Clarendon Guesthouse, Katoomba and
Fri June 1 The Harp, Tempe. This month also sees the launch of Kate Plummer's record 'Home in the Crossing', produced and engineered by Jim.


April 2007,

News on upcoming shows with Jim Moginie and The Family Dog.

Friday 20th April 10pm - Great Ocean Hotel - Apollo Bay Music Festival Vic
Saturday 21st April 9:15pm - The Mechanics Institute - Apollo Bay Music Festival Vic

Jim says: 'The East Coast Blues and Roots Festival was an amazing confluence of music from all over the planet. Anyone who is vaguely interested in music should attend. I spent 3 days wandering around in it as a punter and fan.

The Family Dog played a wonderful set and I jumped up the next day with the Ghostwriters for some crusty favourites, it was great playing with Rob and Martin again.'

The Family Dog.

Kent Steedman, Tim Kevin, Paul Loughhead, Jim Moginie.

Photos by Alexandra Osbelt.

Read the article in THE AUSTRALIAN in which Jim, and others talk about the Festival.

Jim jumped up and guested at Sarah Blasko's amazing orchestral show at the Seymour Centre on Wednesday 18th of April, tickling the ivories on 'Amazing Things' and 'Planet New Year'.

Jim has finished mixing Howlin' Winds' 'Great Ocean Road Vol 2', due for release in April, and has completed work on Sydney guitar player/singer Kate Plummer's record.


March 2007,

Come and hear Jim and The Dog fire up eight cylinders of maximum psychedelic rock at the Cat and Fiddle, Balmain on Thursday 5th of April as an unadvertised, warts and all interactive live rehearsal/warmup for the East Coast Blues and Roots.

After considerable peer group pressure, Jim has put up a myspace page. Click here to check it out.

News on upcoming shows with Jim Moginie and The Family Dog..

Thursday 5 April - Cat and Fiddle, Balmain.

Sunday 08 April - Byron Bay Blues and Roots Festival

Friday 20th and Saturday 21st April - Apollo Bay Music Festival

February 2007,

On Sunday February 25th, Jim performed solo at the Harp in Tempe with a bunch of other musicians in an acoustic setting, including Canada's Ann Vriend, Peter Miller Robertson, Vic Farrell and Ben Crick.

December 2006,

News from the front...Sarah Blasko's album 'What the Sea Wants, The Sea Will Have', on which Jim collaborated, has gone gold.

November 2006,

The video for the single 'All Around The World' directed by Robert Hambling is up on YouTube, along with the 'Outer Space' video and Fuzzface's 'Mr Doomsday'.

Jim has been in the studio recently with The Celibate Rifles, The Ghostwriters, Howlin' Wind and singer/songwriter Wesley Carr.


October 2006,

Melbourne show was a treat, with a great PA and stage. Jim: 'It was the first show the Family Dog had played where the dressing room wasn't a freezer full of cold VB's and UDL cans, and the power wasn't running over a wet floor to a double adapter. The only way is up."

In recent weeks, Jim has been working with flute maestro Howlin' Wind and doing some pre production for Kate Miller-Heidke.

The Oils' new compilation 'Flat Chat' is to be released before Christmas. It is an adrenalised car mix tape of classic Oils songs as the title suggests, completely remastered from original analog tapes, and will rollercoaster its way out on October 28th. More details to follow.

Jim and The Family Dog touring news.

Saturday October 14th East Brunswick Club, Carlton

supported by Brendan Welch.

See live page for more information.

The Dog are salivating over the prospect of finally leaving the Inner West and going down the Mighty Hume.

Always a folkie? Go to music head and beat for reviews.

Both Sydney gigs went swimmingly, guitars to the fore. Special thanks to Jodie and Trish from The Girls From The Clouds for their great support set.

The Family Dog is Kent Steedman (guitar,bass and vocals) Tim Kevin (organ, baritone guitar, bass and vocals) and Paul Loughhead on drums.

Friday October 6th Manly Boatshed, Manly

supported by The Girls From The Clouds

Saturday October 7th Bridge Hotel, Rozelle

supported by The Girls From The Clouds

Saturday October 14th East Brunswick Club, Carlton

supported by Brendan Welch.

See live page for more information.

Overseas fans note that 'Alas Folkloric' (released September 18) can be ordered now at chaos music and hmv as well as Sydney's independent redeye records.

Get in fast for the 2CD Limited edition version of 'Alas Folkloric'.

The first few thousand copies come with the seminal Fuzzface EP included as a bonus disc for the same price as the normal album.

The cover painting is by extraordinary Australian artist Garry Shead and comes from the 'Kangaroo' series of works based on D.H. Lawrence's sojourn in Australia.

Cover image: (c) Garry Shead 'Free' oil painting 1992.

Check out Delightful Rain, a new live record and DVD celebrating Australian surf music. It features Rob Hirst Martin Rotsey and Dom Turner as the Angry Tradesmen, The Celibate Rifles, and many benchmark Australian music legends.

September 2006,

Interview with Jim in The Courier Mail.....Australian Music Online and the Sydney Morning Herald make for interesting reading....

Eureka! Jim and the Family Dog play the Sydney album launch for 'Alas Folkloric' at The Vanguard Newtown this Friday September the 15th, supported by Richard Madden with John Cass. Tickets are selling fast, get in early to avoid disappointment.

Go to moshtix to book, check out the live page for up and coming gigs.

The residency at the Sando is now over and was a great success. 'The band is primed' says Jim. A rare sighting was ventriloquist Chris Kirby with his unexpected and amazing performances mid-set.

The Dog in action, peeling the paint off the Sando.

Photograph courtesy of Valerie Bichard

August 2006,

Go to the contact page to download bio and press release for 'Alas Folkloric', Jim's new record released September 16. And then go to musichead to check out sound samples for 3 of the new songs and the Outer Space film clip.

Touring news! Jim and the Family Dog will be playing at Melbourne's East Brunswick Club on Saturday 14th October 2006, supported by Brendan Welch.


The first single, 'Outer Space', was released to radio last week. The song is now available from iTunes. Oil fans note that

it features Rob Hirst on drums!

'The residency is going well, upstairs from the regular Tuesday night poker game at the Sando, it's like playing on a floating casino' says Jim. 'We had one dancer last week, which was good for our morale.'

The Family Dog consists of Jim on guitar, keyboard and voice, Kent Steedman on guitar and bass, Tim Kevin on voice, baritone guitar, bass and organ, Trent Williamson on harmonica voice and jawharp, and finally Paul Loughhead on the drums. See live page for set details.

Next week (22nd) the band will be supported by ventriloquist Chris Kirby. The show starts at 8.30pm. Get there early!

One down four to go! Jim and the Dog did Night 1, the first Sandringham show last Tuesday night.

Apart from a piano that blew up spontaneously it was a great night.


July 2006,

Eureka! Jim and The Family Dog will be doing a residency in Sydney throughout the month of August. The dates are every Tuesday night (1,8,15,22,29th) at the Sandringham Hotel, 387 King Street, Newtown. More details to follow.


June 2006,

Jim recently did some preproduction for Lake Bolac's own, a great band called The Exploders.

On Friday the 23rd of June, a FEHVA benefit concert and art auction was held at the Byron Bay Community Centre to raise funds and awareness for the continuing work of The Buttery. Jim, Rob Hirst and Tim Kevin did a set comprising Jim's, Rob's and several Midnight Oil songs (see live page) the latter on which they were joined to great acclaim by Peter Garrett, who was there on the night to make the opening address on the value of arts in the community. It was a magic night, including performances by The Buttery Choir and Grace Knight amongst others. The concert and auction also raised a great deal of money for this worthwhile cause.


May 2006,

Jim and Tim Kevin did a short unannounced support set at the Manly Boatshed late in May, thanks to those that clapped!

Stay in touch with this page as some unannounced acoustic shows are happening around Sydney in the upcoming weeks before the album is released.

The Vanguard set list is on the live page.

Family Dog Mk2 fairly rocks hard: thanks to all that came to the show, Outer Space from the upcoming record rocked the house this time and Trent Williamson jumped up for some demon harp playing and MC'ing.

Jim's new record has been slated for a September 16th release.

Work continues on the incomparable Sarah Blasko's new record, which is approaching the mix stage.

Jim plays with the Family Dog mk 2 at The Vanguard Friday the 19th of May, the gig is nearly sold out but there are still a few tickets available via moshtix. See the wrap on the Herald site.


March 2006,

Upcoming on the gig front, Jim and the Family Dog play The Vanguard on May 19, located in Sydney's glorious Newtown.

The current lineup consists of Kent Steedman and Paul from the Northern Beaches legends and heroes, The Celibate Rifles. They are joined by Tim Kevin from LaHuva. More details to follow.

Jim jumped up and did a couple of impromptu songs at the wedding of Wayne Connolly and Tracy Ellis, a joyous bash at Bronte Bowlo. Congratulations on tying the knot guys.


Feb 2006,

It's been a busy last 12 months for Jim doing studio work, working with Shane Nicholson, The Sleepy Jackson, Paul Greene, David Bridie and the NDW remix project, Howlin' Wind, playing on the upcoming Kasey Chambers record, and doing another project with Sarah Blasko. And his own record as well. Phew!

The new album will be released mid to late year....at last....and through a major label. Final artwork and mastering is under way.


November 2005,

Thanks to all that came to the Vanguard, it was a great night.

'The Great and Unknown' from the Fuzzface EP rocked the house. See live page for the setlist.

Plus, a good write up in the Sydney Morning Herald.

Watch this space for news on Jim's upcoming record, to be released early 2006.

Jim and The Family Dog are doing a show at the Vanguard Newtown on Monday November 28.        

The Family Dog now includes drummer Mike Iveson, as well as the aformentioned ones. See live page for details of upcoming gigs.


Jim also did an interview on Vega with Francis Leach who played a preview of Jim's rockin' new track "All Around The World" and inevitably, 'Blue Sky Mine!'

You can check out, but you can never leave....



October 2005,

Go the Dog!

Jim is doing a few more shows around Sydney in November with the Family Dog.

At this point, the Family Dog includes harmonica guru Trent Williamson also playing a variety of instruments, Tim Kevin from LaHuva and Knievel on guitars and harmonium, Suzy Flowers on vocals and Alex Hewitson (ex DIG and session guru) on double bass.                                   

August 2005,

Jim will be doing a warmup show in acoustic mode in the Blue Mountains at the Clarendon. The gig is on Saturday the 24th of September. See live page for details.


July 2005,

Jim has co produced, with Wayne Connolly, a beautiful version of the classic Don Walker/ Steve Prestwich song 'Flame Trees' from the old Cold Chisel days.
The wonderful Sarah Blasko sings, and does a complete reinvention of the tune.

The song is on the soundtrack album of the Australian film 'Little Fish' starring Cate Blanchett, Hugo Weaving and a stellar cast. and is directed by Rowan Woods, director of 'The Boys'.

Work continues on Jim's new flying solo record, more news shortly.

Added to the site is a video made for the Fuzzface track 'Mr
, directed by friend Youth.



May 2005,

Jim will be playing with Neil Murray for his Sydney shows, one of Australia's most gifted songwriters.

Thursday May 12th, 2005 The Basement, Circular Quay, NSW 
Friday May 13th, 2005 Heritage Hotel, Bulli, NSW
Saturday May 14th, 2005 Clarendon Hotel, Katoomba,NSW
Sunday May 15th, 2005 Brass Monkey, Cronulla,NSW

Wave Aid was a great way to farewell punters young and old, nice to discover there is such a thing as closure. Jim felt like he was hovering like a ghost in the couple of years after the 'announcement',like leaving a party without saying goodbye, so was grateful to draw a line across the band in such a way. 'Thanks to all and sundry you've been great and I don't think any band has ever felt as much support and goodwill over the years from fans anywhere. What an extraordinary event. To be there with the young and old in the music biz onstage with us in the wings, egging us on, and then the crowd going off, and at the SCG's hallowed turf, and for a charity event where people gave so freely of themselves, it was a great way to exit stage left and was very 'Oil'.' The concert was filmed and so a dvd will be out soon, with 6 or 7 songs from the Oils' set included.

Recent stuff,

Jim played two shows playing guitar with Neil Murray at the Harp in Tempe and the Clarendon in Katoomba. Someone in the crowd yelled out ‘Kill your own meat’. Must be an Australian pub.

Midnight Oil won the Aria for the best DVD for the ‘Best of Both Worlds’ comprising footage from the Goat island and Capitol Theatre concerts. Congratulations to all the unsung heroes who worked behind the scenes, particularly Justin Heitman on the visuals and restoration, Keith Walker on the sound, and Arlene Brookes on office/project management.

In October Jim went up to Darwin as a mentor for the Remote Music Program run by Charles Darwin University. The aim is to provide a framework for artists and bands from remote aboriginal communities, with training, access to instruments and recording facilities and hone their songs and arrangements. Other mentors so far have been Chris Wilson, DJ Dexter from the Avalanches, Mick Thomas and Paul Grabowsky.

Jim worked with Yaturlu Yaturlu, a 6 piece band  from Lajamanu, about 800km South West of Darwin.. Jim and the boys did an interview with Annie Gaston on ABC radio and played some new music.

Jim and Magoo produced an EP by Perth band End Of Fashion with songs Rough Diamonds, Anything Goes, Be Like That and She’s Love which is out on EMI. Great band with a great future ahead.

Food for thought...a great article by the Doors' drummer, John Densmore, on the use of their music in advertisements. Part of the links page.